I cover all of Southern California.
My main base of operation is Santa Ana. I have a satellite office in Long Beach and the ability to drive to and meet clients at remote locations throughout Southern California and beyond, including: Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and El Centro.

Se Habla Espanol
James is fluent, not just his office. James has extensive training Spanish, having matriculated through school in Mexico and Spain. Spanish was part of his formal college curriculum including a directed research program at the University of Madrid.

Our attorneys put their many years of experience to work for you. James Harmon has been a layer for 20 years. Working in the industry as an assistant or clerk since before 1992. James even sustained his own serious industrial injury in the summer of 1989. That is approximately 30 years of working with legal issues including but not limited to client intakes, discovery, consumer bankruptcy petitions, juvenile criminal issues, personal injury claims and dealing with insurance adjusters, drafting discovery, and pretrial and trial preparation. If you need an experienced lawyer in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, please call James H. Harmon, for a free initial consultation where you’ll learn how a skilled lawyer can help you.

Involved in the Community
At The Harmon Firm, our attorneys actively participate in the civic life of their Southern California home. Life-long residents of the area, they belong to many professional and charitable organizations, including Long Beach Bar Association, the Los Angeles Consumer Attorneys Association, and O.C. Bar Association, a group of attorneys working to mentor parolees and reduce recidivism.

Fully extended, with me and my crew on top. I was standing on top of the load of hay when the squeeze tipped over in the summer of 1989.

James Harmon driving a “Squeeze”, the forklift like machine where the arms squeeze together and lift a ton of hay.



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